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Have you written a “bucket list?” An actual list that’s not just in your head? I haven’t written down the things on my bucket list, mainly because I think my family would worry a little. As I mentioned in another post, one thing that has remained on my bucket list is to drive a race car.  

There is something so thrilling to me about going very fast in a car. I do the best I can around Atlanta, but there’s not much satisfaction in having to stop for construction or a wreck or a policeman sitting on the side of the road. Now, during this pandemic, especially back in March when sheltering in place was a real thing and everyone was frightened enough to stay home - THAT was ideal for frustrated race car drivers like me. One day I just drove around I-285 because I could. I could go the ludicrous speed that people go, only there were no other people around to get in the way. It was awesome. At that point, I think even the police were afraid to stop people and write tickets, it was so early in the quarantine phase. At one point, I rolled down the windows and turned my music up really loud and let my gray hair fly all around. It was so healing. I felt more free than I had in weeks.

On average, my husband and I stayed home a lot of the time even before we were ordered to.  But, there’s something about someone telling you that you HAVE to do something that just goes against my grain and makes me want to...fill in the blank...even though I may have no interest in doing it. The rebel (a very careful and easily frightened rebel) inside of me, I guess.  

But for some reason driving really fast doesn’t scare me. Now, I must say, before you get ready to warn the police or my neighbors, I DO take precautions and I AM a safe driver.  And, quite frankly, my speed is probably never that ludicrous. But even approaching ludicrous brings me a driver’s “high.”  Is that a thing? I’ll have to befriend an official race car driver and ask. At this point my sister will ask, “then why are you not a NASCAR fan?” I have no idea. If I ever get the opportunity to befriend one of these drivers and he/she is willing to take me on a “test drive,” then, by golly, I will start watching races on TV. Maybe.

Do you wanna’ drive a race car? Now the music from Frozen is in my head.

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2 comentarios

25 sept 2020

You should definitely check out the Richard Petty Driving Experience. It's a NASCAR ride-along or driving opportunity. I did the ride-along.....exhilarating is an understatement by a mile!

Me gusta

Didn’t know about you and speed. Ever thought about trying out the Porsche Experience in Atlanta? I’ll be your photographer.

Me gusta
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