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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

A friend recently encouraged me to get a blog after reading some of the things I had written.  I enjoy writing about experiences and things I’ve learned that have been helpful or meaningful.  For a while I had a folder entitled, “Sermons,” for lack of a better word.  And when I felt particularly inspired about something, I would write a few paragraphs and hoped to share them someday.

One day while cleaning out a bedroom, I came across the folder and decided to throw them out.  After all, when was I ever in this lifetime going to be able to give a “sermon?”  Now, I wish I hadn’t done that.  I’d love to look back over them and maybe share some of them here.  Typically, I’d rather put thoughts in writing than share them verbally.  I have a harder time putting my thoughts in words - always have.  But I did take a few “lay speaking” courses that were offered through my denomination; and I realized that as long as I had time to write down my thoughts and feelings first, I was quite comfortable reading or sharing them verbally.  Maybe that’s true for most people.  My point being, I’m not a real quick, “think-on-your-feet” kind of responder.  

I told a former pastor that I was going to preach a sermon one day - he smiled, was gracious, and said, “I hope I’ll be around to see it.”  Well, he wasn’t that old, so I think he may have been telling me something.  In the meantime, I have given some talks at retreats, some speeches in the above-mentioned classes, and given announcements, read scripture, and prayed aloud in worship services. I still would love to do a “sermon” one day.  This year I was nominated for and gladly accepted the position of church lay leader.  I looked forward to working with this pastor and serving the great folks in our congregation.  But, and I’m just being honest here, I also remembered that lay leaders at times were given the opportunity to preach on Laity Sunday.  Ah, now I will finally get my chance!  During this pandemic, I became bold enough to ask our pastor if I could be allowed to do the sermon on Laity Sunday this year.  I mentioned to him that my bucket list included: the usual delightful travel destinations, driving a race car (a story for another time) and giving a sermon.  I waited and received a simple, “Sure. As long as you do it while driving a race car.”  I’m taking that as a “yes.”  

Now, admittedly this sounds a little self-serving, doesn’t it?  Like I think I have all of this wisdom to share with whomever will listen.  I don’t feel qualified to guide or lead people.  But I do feel like I have been working behind the scenes long enough that they may think, ”wow, I guess I could do that, too.”  That’s kind of what it’s all about, isn’t it? Someone relating to the words you’ve written, and feeling uplifted or encouraged in some way.  Maybe they had forgotten that they, too, want to drive a race car!  Or share a sermon.  I hope if my pastor happens to read this, he will know I haven’t forgotten he said, “yes.”  Sort of.

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