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I never realized how much I liked the word “official.”  Try as I might to be otherwise, I am pretty much a “Type A,” control freak (I HATE that one) and a person who likes for things to be in order and predictable.  I am a rule follower, except when I’m not.  You get the idea.  

I just realized that you don’t see or hear the word “official” anymore.  And if you think about it, how can they possibly use it during a pandemic.  Every time we think we’re hearing something is official, it turns out it is not at all official.  I love for someone or something to be in control, if she/he/it is official.   

I believe we’re all looking for the official word, the official time, the official instructions right now.  Those were the good ol’ days.  This game or meeting will officially start at --- on ----- date.  Here is the official word on what will happen now.  This is our official statement and plan for the future.  And we could buy into that pretty easily.  

Oh, well.  I’m sitting here typing while my muscles and joints ache.  The doctor cannot tell me anything “official” and has “officially” ruled out many, many things including COVID.  Do you ever have symptoms no one can explain?  You start to feel like a hypochondriac because you can’t prove anything is actually official.  Maybe “true” fits better here, but I’m on the word “official” now, so I’m sticking with it.  I have an amazing doctor and she is quick to tell me every day what I do NOT have.  Please don’t misunderstand.  I am so very grateful that it isn’t any of the really terrible things we thought might be going on.  So, what is it?  

Well, this isn’t official yet, but I’m going to just live like I have the last six months during the pandemic.  I’m going to live like nothing is going on.  I mean, I always wear a mask and we still haven’t been to a restaurant except to pick up food.  But I get up every day around the same time and get dressed and try to do a somewhat regular routine each day.  So, I will add this random pain to the things I choose not to obsess over right now.  

I think I just made that statement as official (you can use the word, “true”) as anything could be.

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